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Freundeskreis Maschinenbau und Produktion Berliner Tor e.V.

29.08.2017 The non-profit association supports the Mechanical Engineering and Production department at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in maintaining contacts with the industry and fosters practical study programs.

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Initiative Naturwissenschaft & Technik NaT gGmbH

29.08.2017 Together with companies, organizations and universities, the NaT initiative is committed to supporting the next generation of technical and scientific staff in Hamburg and helps schools to adopt a more practice-oriented approach to teaching.

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MINTforum Hamburg

29.08.2017 The MINTforum aims to promote the MINT programs available in Hamburg, in order to foster learning in math, information technology, natural sciences and technology.

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Naturwissenschaftliches Zentrum (NWZ) Hamburg

11.09.2017 As a service partner for schools, the NWZ offers support in all scientific and technical subjects in the form of training courses, student internships, and careers and science-based events in the school's laboratories and at the premises of the non-school cooperation partners.

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Networks – Lifelong Learning

29.08.2017 Working closely with everyone involved, VDMA brings together the diverse initiatives in the area of school education. The VDMA Nord state association actively supports various projects and initiatives in northern Germany. Click the links for more information on these topics.

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